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I am grateful that a constant contributor and author for the magazine Ciao Bella! I love your mission and love in the centre. Friday, August 1, 2014Many law of attraction magazine you saved, which I have Dr. Emoto, researcher Japanese and his research on the vibrational energy and energy is in the water. Here is a picture on the side of the water images … continue reading →. Thursday, July 31, is 2014Sedona an area sacred to my soul! I have always considered was in all its beauty, the ’ ’ of the beautiful red rock, cold and vibration. It is a place that I like to retire, to calm my mind and with impunity … continue reading →. Sunday, July 6, 2014 may sometimes feel as if we completely do work only through a block or a challenge, they get surprised by darkness and sometimes scared and alone to leave.   Last week, I started a … 30 continue reading. →,. .