Mind Must Leave Reality Behind Patrick

Mind Reality

Perhaps the largest faculty who have our mind is the ability to cope with pain. Think classic teaches us the four gates of the spirit that moves through all according to your needs. First is the purpose of sleep. Dream offers a mind must leave reality behind patrick refuge from the world and all its pain. Brands of sleep time, gives us the distance from things that we were wrong. If a person is injured often you fall unconscious. Just like a person, often traumatic messages washed out or monitored fainting. This is the way of the spirit of protect pain to walk through the first door. Secondly, it is the gate of oblivion. Some wounds are too deep to heal or too deep to heal quickly. In addition, many memories is just painful, and there is no cure for him. Time heals all wounds saying is wrong. Time heals most wounds. The rest are hidden behind the door. Thirdly, there is the goal of madness. There are times where the spirit is, that a slap in madness is hidden. Even if this is not advantageous, it is has sometimes, when the reality is that nothing but to escape the pain and the spirit must leave reality behind this pain. The latter is the door of death. The last resource. Once again, we are dead, or at least tell us that we can damage. -Patrick Rothfuss, the name of the wind,.