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Family ServicesProvides of the community services to improve the quality of life of individuals and families in Prince George County. We offer services for families, children and elderly people, people with a mental illness or disability. You can show abroad and apply online via our online application! The system is easy to use and you can apply for jobs 24/7. The application can his custody and can apply xem phim the law of attraction vietsub to more than one vacant position. Email address will apply required, order online. If you have a current email address, you can register free email in Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!. This is the first online access to Prince George County Government application system, you must create an account and select a username and a password. To do this, click you on the link register here and fill the form.  Then, you can login to your account. Once your account is set up, can an application to create, and then click the link create application. You fill your application, remember to save your work. If it for more than an hour without saving your entries and automatically be registered in the system on the outside as a security measure, your data will be lost. Once you have completed your application, they are stored in the system and it can be used to apply for future jobs. Please enter a complete history of your work experience. Are at the bottom of this page for current job openings. Click on the job title you are interested in and then click apply. Some positions require an additional questionnaire for a specific job. If the Labour Bulletin indicates that questions will be at the end of the online application process, you will need an additional questionnaire of the specific work. You must be considered a request for each position to be filled. You will be able to copy and add your CV in your application, but only CV will not be accepted. Don't forget to log off the system, before you leave this site,.